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Will now promote Jasper fanfics shamelessly.

The Way Out Takes place in an AU where our favorite demigods are famous.

The Ones Who Take Us Home Another short AU that’s kind of more sad than it is cutesy but has its moments.

Alleviate A hospital AU that has only the first chapter but will get super cute as time goes on.

Jasper is my OTP!!! (Besides Percabeth obviously.) I need more cute Jasper fanfiction in my life. 


I am trying to pretend its fall. Even when it finally is officially’ll take a while to get to the reeeeally nice cool, breezy autumn days where I live bc I live in the swamp called the south ouo 

So anyway…I decided I wanted to draw Piper, Hazel, and Annabeth!! 
I was looking at all the adorable fall outfits on this site and pinterest, thus these served as the inspiration for the outfits the girls are wearing!!  (I think one of my friends has the shirt that Hazel is wearing, tho??? maybe?? lol).  ((I’ll try to source the outfits I ref-ed later lol, odds are if I found it on pinterest, there are probably no official sources either lol))

This was a fast/ fun pic to do. It was nice to take a little mental break from all my work and classes TuT;; I’m trying to get to a good place organizing my time.. where I can have more free time to make art and just generally take a break lol. 

I’m going to AWA next weekend, which will also be a fun break! Maybe I will see some folks there. I will be cosplaying Annabeth on Sunday! 

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